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Tulsa Sports Photographer Kevin Adams in stadium

Soktoberfest 2016 Pictures

My Philosophy on Photography

My name is Kevin Adams and I am a photographer. I live near Tulsa, Oklahoma, but I am willing to travel. I take team photos, action sports photos, fitness and body building photos, senior portraits, family portraits, wedding photos, head shots for professionals and models, website photos, real estate photos, landscape photos and almost anything else you want or need photographed. I love photography. I love the ability to capture a moment in time that would otherwise be gone forever. I love the ability to capture the emotion that I feel while seeing that moment. I love creating pictures that will be enjoyed by those living and treasured by those yet born. Photography is a passion of mine, something I would do even if I were not paid to do it. It has been a big part of my life since my childhood and I can not imagine a life without it.

To learn more about me visit the About page. To learn about my fees visit the Pricing page. For a discussion of photography and to learn about various topics in photography visit the Learn page. You can view some of my favorite pictures on my Portfolio page. For more information on particular Type of photography services I offer visit the Categories tab and select the type of service you are interested in. I offer a "sports photo fundraiser" for sports teams raising money for their team, it is a great way for parents to get great action shots of their children while raising money for a good cause. If I have taken photographs that you would like to purchase prints and other photography products click on Buy Pics in the menu bar to be taken to an on line gallery where you can purchase the photographs at great prices. If you have questions feel free to call or email me.

Examples of My Work

Portrait of Scott Burtnett
Wedding Couple at the alter
Photograph of football player  catching ball

Goalie in Owasso Small Sided Tournament
Two young soccer players chasing soccer ball

Team and Sports Photography

I grew up playing sports and I love watching and photographing sports. There is no initial charge when I photograph sports teams. The way it works is I show up early on game day before the game and take team and individual player pictures and then I stay around for the game and take action sports pictures during the game. Then I edit the pictures and post the pictures on my website. Once the pictures are uploaded to my site families can purchase the pictures that they like. Families can even purchase original downloads of the edited action pictures if they like. To learn more about it works watch the video below.

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